We would like to thank all our individual donors whose books and generous gifts of extra dollars are part of all our programs.

For the Library Bus we have received invaluable financial support from Stacey Clark and all her friends in the USA, Nicholas Ryan his family and supporters in Ireland and local supporters in Esteli.

By organising truly fun and dedicated fundraiser events and initiatives, with their money we are able to fund the final vehicle reparations, buy books and materials needed and fund the local team coordinating this program. Thanks to our TreeHuggers Cigar Tours income from 2011-13, we purchased childrens books.

Thanks to San Juan del Sur Library and their inspirational founder Jane Mirandette, they have let us buy hundreds of amazing childrens books at cost price, we now have a small base collection to lend from the Library Bus.

We continue working with groups like SJDS and Jane M, the Sheffield- Esteli society, a grant from ENCA UK, who are supporting multimedia materials for environmental education. Libros Para Ninos, Yo Puedo Leer and many more close supporters from the North America and Europe to help with funds for books and our team, and the important networking links.

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