Volunteering Nicaragua

New opportunity!

July-August 2017 and Dec-March 2017/8.  Extrovert Volunteer to host and welcome hostel and tourism guests!  English and Spanish, other languages are a bonus, French and German. Social networking skills preferred as well. Free board and 1-2 meals a day.

Our social enterprises create excellent employment opportunities for members of the local community –most roles in the restaurant, hostel and tourism office are paid and filled by local staff. Our pay far exceeds the Nicaraguan minimum wage and our conditions are excellent. We supplement this incredible team with international volunteers who can share skills, or to promote our development projects that otherwise couldn’t happen without volunteers. Read more about our values here.

Apply via our non-profit partner Omprakash, who can also receive donations on our part.

Luz Verde is the social arm of our businesses/enterprises and Luz Verde we use for our volunteers!

If you have multiple interests and skills, then please tell us and we can be flexible (our middle name!) about your definite position.


You can reach out to us at cafeluzyluna@gmail.com for further information (or stop by if you’re already in town!).

Read more about our volunteer positions here.

Intermediate Spanish is a minimum requirement. Additionally volunteers should have the ability to work on their own initiative in grassroots development to promote the initiatives and help grow our projects while expanding the positive impact to the beneficiaries of our work.

More information about our projects can be found here.

If you would like to support us with your time in this way, we’d love to hear from you.

In the coming months we also hope to:

  • Include a social enterprise professional to work with us to understand the impact of our model, so that we can better describe the effects of what we do: on the local community, on us as employees and on international visitors.  We feel this is a different way of approaching social justice in contrast to the classic approach of external non governmental organisations and would like to evidence this and see where we are succeeding.
  • Involve an accounting professional to support us to assess what record keeping and reporting systems are needed for our multiple enterprises and how best to implement them.
  • Share our ideas and plans with those that can support us to raise funds through grants that will support our model of social change through enterprise.


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